Abraham Cloud - The Cruelty of Gravity

The Cruelty of Gravity 

The newest and arguably the srangest Abraham Cloud CD.  It was an attempt to write a CD the way Britney Spears would,  Bring in major producers and sing over the tracks.  Unfortunately with only a "value meal" budget to work with, the only major producer Abe could hire was himself.  "The idea was to somehow approximate the illusion that I was working with outside people"  Cloud went back into his vault of previously recorded guitar riffs and keyboard doodles , then added instruments. "I'd never worked likie this , essentially backwards,  working on the music and then finding a meaning later,  or even better , abandoning meaning all together, Voice and lyrics were considered no more important than snare drum.   Vocals , with improvised lyrics , were completed in two takes and spliced together.

The results range from perplexing to astonishing,  It starts with "Flying Over You" which has John Lennon all over it and "Norma McCall" which is a brand new T-Rex song,  From there its all over the place and thoroughly entertaining,  Britney fans probably won't understand but I'd image fans of the Matrix will be thriled.

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The Wind Is Falling In Love 

As Abe Cloud said somewhere once, what happens when the wind does fall in love? -It probably looks a lot like a tornado. Yeah! This album whips up a storm of awesome songs and rains them down in all their personal, funny, deeply skewed, and completely engaging glory. His voice is a wonder of expressive individuality which you've never heard anything quite like, and which perfectly suits each song, and the music itself is just terrific (especially, yeah, that slide guitar on Pieces of a Dream). Apparently it's a totally DIY record, but it's got a bigger heart and soul than any studio release I've heard in a long long time.

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Abraham Cloud - The Wind Is Falling In Love


The Children of the Milkman 

A milkman who spawned 500 children that all met one day and formed Los Angeles ???? Now that sounds like a party. If you ever thought your parents were not really your parents this might be the record for you.  From its Sgt. Pepper-ish opening anthem, to its wild-eyed  rock-a-billy and hard rock excursions.  The Children of the Milkman, is great, thought provoking entertainment.  Every song has a story, and every story is about 3 layers deep and colored with lots of humor and sentiment.  Born out of the death and disintegration of his own family Children marks  a truly great lyricist who has definitely hit his stride.

"I've got every disease known to man
Waiting patiently inside me
To surprise me, when I least expect it."

Abraham Cloud's last excursion: 1998's "Voyage To Afghanistan" I seemed to predict the next American war. God knows what this one might predict.

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Abraham Cloud - The Children of the Milkman



Abraham Cloud - Voyage to Afghanistan

Voyage To Afghanistan 

Underground music for Overground dwellers
It's hard to pidgeon hole this cd. Suffice to say that it is very accessable underground rock-pop, with a strong emphasis on the lyrical story songs of Abraham Cloud (AC). The whole cd feels like a very independent effort, singular, homespun and homegrown (yes,THAT kinda homegrown).
'AC's vocal delivery is reminiscent of a lower-registered Bowie or Lennon,sung in a scruffy, fuzzy and loose (but not sloppy) way. His perceptions project a certain "stoner certified attitude" which propel the various lyrics in engaging,witty and socially sharp observations ofLiving in general...and life in southern California specifically (the locals will make the references anyway).
The music has all kinds of twists and turns in it making it interesting throughout. Seven ofthe 13 tracks are preformed with his band (drums,bass,lead guitar), the remaining 6 has AC doing all the wizardry including some sophisticated electronics. These "solo" tracks are the the most idiosyncratic and"psyched".
As I stated earlier, this is VERY accessable 'Underground' music by an artist with a singular vision that FEELS good, complete, and easy-going. It is not hyped, obtuse, contrived or high-brow genius.
AbrahamCloud's music has a rocking groove throughout, and still manages to include threads of folk, pop, and even chamber music. Never pretentious or "obscured by cloud"'s the perfect bong-load. Just right.

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Another Successful Breakfast 

When a singer/songwriter calls one of his songs "Let's Make Love (On the Floor of the Liquor Store)," you can safely assume that he has a wild sense of humor. Abraham Cloud definitely does, and that goofy yet rockin' number is one of the high points of Another Successful Breakfast. But on the whole, this isn't a CD that tries to hold your attention with shock value for the sake of shock value. Nor is it a CD that goes out of its way to be accessible; most of Cloud's alternative pop/rock is on the moody side, and the obscure artist manages to be moody, introspective, and quirky at the same time on tracks such as"Baby Lemonade," "The Company of Strangers," and "Cigarette Bar" (ad uet with singer Esther Terry). With influences ranging from R.E.M. and Neil Young to David Bowie and Roxy Music, Cloud shows promise on this intriguing and chance-taking, if uneven, release. ~ Alex Henderson, All Music Guide

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Abraham Cloud - Another Successful Breakfast


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