"The Cruelty of Gravity" has been released and is available everywhere

"Norma McCall''  is racking up plays everywhere.  And so far it is one of the fastest selling Abraham Cloud on i-tunes.  If you'd like to check it out click here , Randy Morgan is directing the video , which should be available on YouTube by the end of March. Norma went into regular rotation in its first hour of play on  (One of the top Internet radio stations on the net  .  On Broadcast Radio "Norma's"

biggest champion has been Leto Covington  DJ  91.3 FM WSGR - Port Huron who says, "I've played it over and over and believe there are several hits waiting to be introduced to the public. It was a joy to let them fly on my show today. The vocals played so well I thought for a moment I had found a Bowie / Petty tag team duet."

"An American Bum" is now in rotation on Jango as well

" Maybe I Could Run" will be the first Abraham Cloud single released on i=tunes ,  its a bit of a blast from the past , recorded years ago in San Diego with Denis Degher and legendary Nashville producer  Rick Elias.  It is a smokin hot tune that can get even the stiffest corpse re=lubed and up on the dance floor.   available April Fools Day on i-tunes international,  and by clicking here you can   preview it


"Let's Make Love (on the floor of the liquor store)   has been resurested by a new and fantastic web radio show called The Metal Deli

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