the cruelty of gravity

    It's called "Norma Mc Call,"and it's an out-of-the-box smash hit. Truly the best party song I've heard in years. It reminds me a bit of ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ in its vibe.  But it's more of a combination of like the B52’s and Ozzie Osborne.   Definitely gets me smiling all day long.   I absolutely love the whole CD.   It has a rare, ‘lived-in,’  feeling and still it constantly challenges the imagination. My second favorite track is, “another creature born to ruin rock’n’roll,”   which has a bit of a Beatles , Rubber Soul feel.  Seems every time Cloud leaves his room he encounters beautiful creatures out to destroy his life.

Being  pretty good friends, I know how he writes.  Basically, he disappears. Totally cocoons himself until he feels he’s gotten it all out and can deal with the ‘creatures’ again.  Its like any outside influence will corrupt the purity of the music, (as if it isn’t corrupt enough already.)  

Which brings up my third favorite, “Sellin My Ass.”  This songs rocks the paint off the wall.  The guitar seems to want to shred my face and the relentless drums against the psycho-violins depicts a truly troubled mind.  It seems to be about a male-hooker having doubts about hitting the Boulevard again, but you can’t understand most the words.  UsuallyI find this aggravating and unprofessional but in ‘Sellin’ its fascinating,  cause I do want to know whats going on.

“Cruel Shades of Blue,” resurrects the best of vintage Bowie.  Its almost like a lost Bowie track complete with rain, thunder and harps on a dark and lonely beach.  It’s kinda like Major Tom (in a Man Who Sold the World kindaway).   And I really love the singing sea-elves in the middle part.

If you’re into sad ballads, “All in All ” is devastating.  The line ,“There’s only room enough in here for me,”  is haunting . A beautifully simple production with some very tasty nuances. He uses these faint, other-worldly,  inner-thought parts very effectively.  Striking.

“Say It Like You Said It,”  could be a huge hit for some modern artist.  Cloud sounds like Lou Reed singing with the Pussycat Dolls or something.  Totally entertaining , but the song is definitely there for prettier people to rape and pillage.

Ooops, ha ha , I almost forgot the Lennon tune, and first track , “FlyingOver You.” Incredible sixties kind of building production. John Lennon reborn, everything from the sneer, to the horns, soaring background vocals and even featuring, “I am the Walrus” snare drums.

Thisis a beautiful, puzzling record.  It definitely gets better and bette rwith repeated listening. Although I’ve talked a lot about influences ,Cloud definitely has his own voice and style. I naturally look for deeper meaning but he tells me everything was improvised in two take sand most of his time was spent playing with the sound. (Which does explain some of the unfinished lyrics !!!!) The whole thing is summed up in one line I especially love  from, “its waiting patiently outside”,

“Outside your mind, out where life is good and fine,
                             You might find an answer. ”

                                                                       Bjorn Engler (friend of the Cloud)
Folks what can I say except this guy is amazing. The Truth be told he's "Flue -ent" and that plainly means Sickingly Talented! (and yes I sad SICKINGLY!) Abraham Cloud has a band but decided to hit the studio solo to work on some experimental jams. Well if this is experimental I'm getting in line for the real deal when it hits the stores. Abe produced the CD, covers all the vocals and instruments for the whole CD. I've played it over and over and believe there are several hits waiting to be introduced to the public. It was a joy to let them fly on my show today. The vocals played so well I thought for a moment I had found a Bowie / Petty tag team duet. Do not miss the chance to check this music out. You'll be sorry if you do.

Leto Covington  DJ 
91.3 FM WSGR - Port Huron
Cruelty Review

Hey, there!    I DO love your new tunes! 'Norma McCall' makes me wanna move! It's a good song to listen to while getting ready to go ou tfor an evening of revelry... You know, to get ya pumped up to paarrrtay! ;) Both songs have some nice little guitar riffs in them!This song reminds me a bit of 'The Farm'... 'Flying Over You' makes me think of 'Catherine Wheel'... Not that that means anything in particular... except that I really liked both of those bands in the early 90's... and also that it is dating me as a 'thirty-something'...Ha! Yeah, I have no musical talent whatsoever... but I LOVE to listento music very much! I am so in awe of people like you that can pick up instruments and jam, and belt out tunes, and create something new andentertaining and magical!!! So... again, thanks for sharing your talents with me! Best of luck with your video! Have a super fun weekend... and Happy Halloween... eve...!!! :D

RE: way back when   whoah!!!this is delish! i've not been on here for a while due to issues with myspace and my firewall, found out things were working a little bitt onight. hmm.. the soft boys, buzzcocks, yeah yeah's, kinks, bowie,vu.. all kinds of flavours in this song and some really fine buzzyguitar running ribbons all over the place. i have some circa 1985 3'high marantz speakers linked into the computer and the song just lightsup like fireworks. really. i dearly love a good song and by jove, ithink you've created one.

..please, if you decide to send out any pressing to college radiostations, please send one to "mad dog" at wqfs c/o Guilford College5800 West Friendly Ave., Greensboro, NC 27410. i;d say send it to mebut i've been out of the community volunteer program for a few yearsdue to my husband's illness. i've been thinking about going back sincehe passed away 6 months ago, but am not totally sure if i'm ready forthe committment. "mad dog" plays a lot of really good music on fridaynights.. good time slot, 6-8pm.. some of us old geezers that docommunity volunteer stuff have a very sincere interest in furtheringall the good things we find, this guy is one of them. for now, i'mbroadcasting it from my upgraded personal played on my page.
I can crawl inside your music like it's a cathedral
cave and live there, and I can feel it permeate me
completely like some kind of beautiful dye in my soul.
And while I love the songs themselves, the tasteful or
thoughtful or kick-ass layers of awesome
instrumentation, and the lyrics which I love so much
that that can be another whole sermon, the very best
part is your Voice. It wraps around me like a warm
cosmic blanket and I may feel happy or sad or whatever
I'm feeling at the moment, but when I hear you I feel
the sudden relief and the overwhelming high of getting
a fix. The danger here, and I need to beg your
forgiveness for this, is that this also feels very
much like being with someone you're totally in love
with and who loves you back exactly as much. (or how I
imagine such an impossible thing, anyway) Which is not
a fair thing for me to bring to the table here since
you don't know me at all and I certainly don't know
you, mystery person you are whose name I don't even
know, but whose being is like a sparkling addictive
puzzle to me that I can't solve or put down. Because
you are the source!

But the point of this endless sermon is: I may be a
total loon and possibly a space alien, but I'm really
not that different from the rest of our brothers and
sisters here... and if I am galvanized by your songs,
then you know countless other people are every time
they hear you, too, but they just don't happen to tell

From Los Angeles,  with songs of wry satire and raw
, a voice of wise emotion and a heart like Warren
or Randy
at his best. Fun stories from the wasteland of
the autocratic
culture that consumes everything in its numbered,
numbing path.                                                                    angelo's list

Abraham Cloud, first and foremost , is an urban
storyteller. His songs are rich with the scenery of
Big City Life. Writing , Drinking, Working and dying.
The ecstacy and devastation of everyday life is played
out poetically in all his work.

"All I know is after hearing a few songs, I suddenly realized there was some secret tunnel that had opened directly between me and the music, like a bridge or a vein, a private passage, and what was coming through was way more than just music. It was like the first time tripping, when the door flew open and blew right off its hinges and will never close again! Not that I would want it to anyway, but you know. It was beyond powerful." 

Another Successful Breakfast Reviews

BAM, June 1995

Just  when I thought the cool, aggressive folk-rock on this tape was going to  hit a cruise point, the music swung in another powerful direction with"The Company of Strangers," recalling some of David Bowie's best, most contemplative moments. Inspired by Neil Young's "Freedom" (he wrote in a note attached to the recording), Cloud - singing in a mid-range, cigarette-streaked voice - carries on that tradition of ragged but real rock with authority.

Big Shout, July 1995

Another successful, well constructed, carefully planned album, designed for every occasion and occurrence life has to offer. "Let's Make Love(On the Floor Of The Liquor Store" and "Cigarette Bar," set a swinging tone that will turn the most loafable slacker into a dancing fool. If' sexual healing' is the desire, slink down to "What's So Great About Happiness." For a good "read-a-book-to-song," feel, then try,"Monopoly" or "Baby Lemonade."And finally, the lullaby song award goes to "Breathing (By the Light Of The Moon)." Each track of "Another Successful Breakfast" creates tales of pure pop fantasies, that have no doubt been extracted straight from tear-jerking, real life experiences. Honestly, it sure is a pleasure to hear an artist who places equal attention and focus on the music and lyrics. Thanks.
-Jennie Tagle

Cake Magazine, #35,

Weird story- The publicist from Stonegarden calls us and asks if we have received this CD. So I say yeah we did. I'm being really evil here because I like the CD very much and I was gonna call them but they beat me to it and now I'm sort of pulling this poor publicist's chain. So the publicist sighs and says hopefully, "Did you get a chance to listen to it?" I say oh yeah, knowing full well I am going to burn in hell for being this coy. There is a brief pause as the publicist gears up for rejection. Being a publicist is a thankless task. "So what did you think of it?" she asks as cheerfully as possible for so late in the day. I tell her I loved it. I tell her I think the guy is a brilliant songwriter and I want to talk to him. She is somewhat stunned for a moment. I believe she thinks I am dicking with her. I am not. A few hours later I get a call from Abraham Cloud and he is also somewhat stunned at my enthusiasm. Sometimes I forget how truly cruel the music business is and how much rejection you face on a daily basis.

The upshot of this whole story is that at the end of the conversation with A. Cloud I ask him if he's a pirate.There is an eerie silence on the phone. Finally he says in an audibly shaken, low tone, "Why the hell did you ask me that?" I explain that the issue is about pirates and spies. Turns out he once went to one of those past life regressions and he revealed under hypnosis that he had been a pirate. We were getting along so well it freaked him out.Thought I could read his mind, I guess.

He needn't have worried about my being able to read his mind. I think he's got too many layers for me to read them all. His lyrics are witty, warm, sexy,intelligent, and lonely. He whispers, shouts, groans and manages with his elegant voice to make it all seem like singing. Oh, did I mention he writes a hell of a song? "Let's Make Love (On the Floor of the Liquor Store)" is most certainly the "Why Don't We Do It In The Road"of the 90&";s. "Cigarette Bar" is sort of a more rousing take on"Here Comes a Regular" and as much as I love Cloud's voice, I'd like to see Paul Westerbergtake a crack at "Anytime You Walk Into the Room" (high praise from me).Like David Bowie mixed with Westerberg, Abraham Cloud sounds like acynical and broken-hearted explosion of experiences, observations and vulnerabilities. He is like salt on polished onyx - he's got the gift of rock with the luster of style. And he's a pirate.

Cover Magazine, Summer 1995

Who is Abraham Cloud? Judging by the songs on this debut release, he is Ratso Rizzo with an acoustic guitar. Cloud's seemingly autobiographical songs tell tales of him wandering seedy Los Angeles looking for a cheap breakfast (thus the title), followed by cheap sex and cheap booze; and considering Cloud's weathered voice, one has to assume he sings what he knows. His "losers with heart" story lines are reminiscent of Tom Waits or Springsteen. "Another Successful Breakfast" is sometimes scary,sometimes funny, but always very real.
-Raymond Ecke

The Music Paper, November 1995

A modern day singer/songwriter who is equally at home with broad anthem-like, sweeping guitar statements or soft, introspective ruminations, Cloud has s sleepy, expressive voice with a range somewhere near Lloyd Cole's. He writes great lyrics and has a taste for crunchy alterna-guitars and subtle, Beatle-esque hooks.

The New Review of Records, November 1995

California singer/guitarist Cloud unveils 13 diverse songs which tackle modern day situations with clever wit. His deranged sense of humor steps forward on "Let's Make Love (On The Floor Of The Liquor Store)," "Cigarette Bar," and stinging "Are You R?" Some of the acoustic tunes can use a kick-start, but the more determined numbers allow violin, strings, and piano to carry some the of weight.
-John Fortunato

Slug Magazine, May 1995

DoI really need to listen to another CD from one of these singer/songwriter guys? Has the resurgence of the religious right and the fanatical baggage those Nazi's carry with them inspired every"pinko faggot" in the country to pick up a guitar and set their poems to music? As usual, I lost the press release. It's in a pile somewhere with unsent Private Eye reader's polls, unread copies of the Grid and the Catalyst "how to wedding issue." You sit around listening to God knows how many stupid CD's every month and every now and then one of them sifts it's way through the fog of lost brain cells or excess Pabst to grab your balls and squeeze. 

Abraham Cloud did just that. The cover depicts a child with a slingshot aiming at a pigeon. That's dinner, food stamps are a thing of the past, the food banks are without food and Leavitt and Coradinni are too busy wooing the Olympic Comittee to worry about homeless, hungry families with children. On the back is Adrian pictured with a street musician playing the accordion. Inside is the info on who helped him out with the CD. Cloud's poetry is right on the mark. The lyrics aren't printed, but he sings them clearly and his stories of life in a society gone mad are easily understood.

He's from L.A. and if I were you I'd go find this CD. Askthe loser clerks at Media Play with their embarrassed red faces if theyhave it. They won't know what in the hell you are talking about so headdown to Orem and ask the coolest record store guy in Utah if he has it.He won't. Check at Raunch, Gray Whale, Raspberry and if you can't findit order directly from Stonegarden Records.

Underscope, July 1995

The scene in the Silverlake area of L.A. is becoming well-known for it's weird (Glue, Geraldine Fibbers)and unusual (Extra Fancy) bands, but if Abraham Cloud has anything to say about it, the area's acoustic-based rock acts will also start getting their share of attention.

On his debut release, Cloud doesn't charter any new waters musically, but the way they combine dark lyrics with the standard style for rock performers is worth noting.

An impressive debut. Cloud will, with a little luck, get some exposure within the expansive rock community out there.
-Chris Long

Utne Reader, Nov. - Dec. 1995

L.A.-based artist Abraham Cloud is a marvel of songwriting prowess, powerful vocal skills, casually adept guitar work, and deft arrangements. His gritty observations on heartache and lust are softened by an unguarded disenchantment that never slips into saccharine, self-absorbed reverie."Another Successful Breakfast" is like drinking a milkshake on the beach: It's cool, refreshing, and smooth, but there's a certain amount of sand in it. 


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