this is


                      At the end of 'Earth Song'   

                        you will hear the lyric

                            what about us ?

                         what about Abraham ?


                  I ask that same question often

                        what about Abraham ?



                         I'd like to introduce you

                             to an incredible artist.  

                   Someone I've followed for years 

                        and has always  amazed me.   

                 He's always shunned the spotlight,  

                    never had an agent or a manager . 


                            He rarely plays live

                              but I truly believe

                         he writes classic songs. 

            Songs that truly touch something deep inside

                  and songs that will eventually

                                 be discovered

                             by a bigger audience. 


                    Songs that will live on forever.  




                                     He has been called

                     "the songwriter's songwriter"

                         Because of the number of

                  famous people and industry insiders

                             that follow his music


                the song playing now  "Norma McCall" 

                            is my latest favorite.

                              but he's got so many

                              its really hard to choose

                           If not for some true fans  

                 there would never be a video like this.   

                        Film-maker  Randy Morgan

                          heard the song  'Norma'

                                  and thought ........      

    'My god , people need to hear this ,

                                this is a hit. '



                    but that's sort of how it goes 

                                 for Abraham  , 

                           he toils away quietly

                            at his secret songs

             and others seem to  magically come along

                           with a missionary zeal

                 to help expose them to the public. 


                             I   sincerely hope

                        you take a few moments

                   to check out these wonderful songs 

*************************  Pause the video for a miuute and see the incredible range of this artist on one of these three songs.  ********************************** 

                            These three songs are all from his most recent CD  
                                      "The Cruelty of Gravity"  


                             which Abraham recorded 
                                  in his bedroom
                           and played everything.
                     Guitar, Bass , Synth , vocals 
                     I for one think is totally brilliant
                               and  sounds like
                            a big studio production , 

                           The cover of "Cruelty"
                      was done by a famous artist
                                     who said,

"All I know is after hearing a few songs, I suddenly realized there was some secret tunnel that had opened directly between me and the music, like a bridge or a vein, a private passage, and what was coming through was way more than just music. It was like the first time tripping, when the door flew open and blew right off its hinges and will never close again! Not that I would want it to anyway, but you know. It was beyond powerful."
                    But to really appreciate 'the cloud'
                        You have to read his lyrics ......


                         Like the one below for,

               "Anytime You Walk into the Room"  

     Anytime You Walk 

         Into the Room

There's a cool and peaceful feeling, comes over me
anytime you walk into the room
you smile away my problems, you laugh away my cash
anytime (anytime)
you walk into the room (anytime at all)
I know you don't know me and I know you don't care
anytime (anytime)
you walk into the room (anytime at all)
one fantasy alone
don't mean much its like an antidote
to doing anything embarassing
anytime (anytime)
you walk into the room (anytime at all)
I feel so suicidal, but I get so high
anytime (anytime)
you walk into the room (anytime at all)
if I could only speak
you'd turn me down and I could get away quick
at least we'd have a secret to keep
anytime you walk into the room
[ Anytime You Walk Into The Room 

                         This is a live video done 

                      at a small coffee house  in LA , 

                       I think you'll see what I mean , 

                          This is the kind of song

                       that could become a classic  


             Something that's played at every wedding

                                til the end of time  

His first CD,  "Another Successful Breakfast" was filled with classics.

Just check out the three songs below.  "Company of Strangers" is a haunting tale of someone  suddenly realizes that they've spent their whole life working with strangers.   "Cigarette Bar"  is pretty much the same alienated worker drinking himself into oblivion  at night to face the strangeness of the day.    "Breathing by the light of the moon"  is a much more etherial side of Abraham and is simply stunning in its complexity and absurdity,  truly a delight to listen to. 



                  Recently I've been pushing Abraham 

                        to put his songs on video. 

           ANY Video exposure is better than none I told him.                         

                 The two videos below are pretty rough . 

                   But still I think they do a lot to help 

                   accentuate the beauty of the songs.        

I truly thank you for taking the time to check out a true Musical Mastermind.   I'd love to share much more with you.   The new songs are way beyond anything I've heard before , and I'm going to try to send one per week out to people on the mailing list .   So sign up and I promise you'll be recieving some wonderful surprises in your e-mail on a regular basis. ....  bjorn engler


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